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SSK Black Line 2 Piece 12" Left Hand Throw 2020 + Free Conditioner

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  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, our new SSK Natural Glove Conditioner helps to soften, restore and clean your glove. Left Handed-Throw Pitcher/Infielder glove
  • This Baseball Fielders Glove is part of our Baseball Equipment Merchandise

    The SSK Black Line 2-Piece glove is made for high levels of play and was crafted in the Japanese Shokunin tradition. This glove features SSK’s FusionFit Technology and Moisturized Premium Steerhide Leather, and is designed for elite levels of play.


    Preferred Position

    Pitcher, Infielder

    Glove Web


    Glove Size


    Throwing Hand

    Left Hand, Right Hand


    Black, Grey Lacing, Black Logo


    Premium Japanese Tanned Steerhide


    Stiffer Leather + Soft to Touch


    Top Grain Leather

    Back Style

    Open Back


    Extra Layer Durability + Stability

    And More

    Designed & Handcrafted for TOP ELITE Baseball, Modeled after Ronald Acuña’s game day glove, Shokunin Craftsmanship





    SSK Black Line 2020 Moisturized Premium Steerhide Leather and FusionFit TechnologySSK Black Line 2020 Shokunin Craftsmanship and Top Quality

    Black is a symbol of strength and power in Japanese culture. Being strong and powerful is a key component to being an elite player. The SSK Black Line gloves, built for the rigors of everyday competition, are made for high levels of play and are crafted in the Japanese Shokunin tradition. The SSK Black Line gloves feature SSK’s FusionFit Technology and are designed for the elite levels of play.

    SSK FusionFit Technology

    SSK FusionFit Technology

    SSK FusionFit Technology logoThe SSK FusionFit Technology is that little fishtail shaped patch of leather that is seen just to the right of the wrist opening. This extra layer of leather placed there is intended to keep the shape of the glove longer by providing an extra layer of stability in a place that can often wear out quickly due to use. FusionFit technology helps to provide more durability and stability in the thumb area.

    SSK Moisturized Premium Steerhide Leather

    SSK Moisturized Premium Steerhide Leather

    SSK Moisturized Premium Steerhide Leather logoThe new SSK BLACK LINE fielding gloves are made with our exclusive SSK Moisturized Premium Japanese Steerhide Leather — a stiffer leather to maintain the glove’s shape, yet soft to touch, keeping the leather from drying out. This allows us to provide a high level professional glove with the superior qualities of a Premium steerhide leather that easily adapts to the player’s hand.


    SSK Natural Glove Conditioner 2oz



    1. Apply a small amount to a clean dry cloth or use your fingers.
    – Always try on an inconspicuous space first to see how it affects the color.

    2. Using a circular motion, apply conditioner to the glove being sure that all conditioner is absorbed.
    – A little bit goes a long way, so don’t over apply.

    3. Continue until entire glove is covered.
    – Glove will have a slight tacky feel to it when first applied.

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    Manufactured By SSK

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